Google Bot's JS rendering

Given the site I’m running here, I greatly appreciate what it means to fully load and process client side javascript while crawling. The link below provides insights regarding a very interesting set of tests and makes me think client side MVC frameworks like Angular and Ember may not be as worrisome as I’d originally feared.

The Top 100 for Apr 2015

Listed below is a table for the top 100 snapshots sifted during April 2015.

  • The faster column is based on Google Page Speed (larger is better).
  • The largest column is based on the file size from Google Page Speed.
  • The longest column is based on the length (in pixels) of the page.
  • The complex column is based on the number of items in the dom.

Near Duplicate Detection

I’m currently producing a hash of top level dom elements I process, thinking I could use that to discover page redesigns, but I want to go back and revisit the link below for other ideas.

Color Variations with SASS

Interesting article about how Vox used SASS to produce standard variations from a color palette. There might be something interesting here to explore relative to the prospects for extracting a color palette from a screen shot I’m sifting in this site.

TOR on Campus

Interesting find from the EDUCAUSE Security Listserv regarding TOR participation among universities


My snapshots are recording IPV6 sites, but I thought this was really interesting…

Hello World

Just getting started on MicroModa. w Hopefully, I’ll have something interesting to say soon!